Manduka "S/T"

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Vinyl repress on Vampisoul. Reissue of the first album by Brazilian musician, poet and plastic artist Manduka. Originally released in 1972 on IRT, the album is a sought-after collectors' item, especially among those who seek in its cultural richness, fundamental episodes of Chilean popular musical history. An essential record almost entirely written by Manduka during his exile years in Chile, away from his home in Brazil. It includes improvised jams and songs about Brazilian history, his own exile and the new cultures he got exposed to. A sublime combination of acoustic guitar sounds, percussions and delicate songwriting that may remind you of some other Brazilian artists like Os Novos Baianos or even Caetano. It includes a special cover version of Violeta Parra's "Qué dirá el Santo Padre" and features guest artists like Soledad Bravo, Patricio Castillo, Baltasar Villaseca from Congregación, brothers Gabriel and Eduardo Parra, members of Los Jaivas, and Numhauser himself.