Saucy Lady "Supanova"

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Vinyl LP. 

One of the hottest combinations in modern disco is back again: Saucy Lady x Star Creature. The culmination of the past 5 years of 7" and 12" singles see's the label and Mz. Saucy reach for a higher blast off with this ambitious album full of spaced out jazz funk and masterful boogie grooves we've come to expect from the team.

Sharing production efforts with the multi-instrumentalist/producer Yuki Kanesaka aka monolog, the LP journeys deep into jazz funk, b-boy breaks, and cosmic synths. “Supanova” features some of the top East Coast based horn players including Pharoah Sander’s son Tomoki Sanders on tenor sax, along with guitarist Jeffrey Lockhart from Prelude Record’s Hi Gloss, and drum chops by The Du Rite’s J-Zone. Star Creature is known for it's impressive roster of home studio and bedroom prodigies, but this album is truly "out of this world"...