Hybrid Record Club (Record Of The Month Subscription)

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Welcome to the Hybrid Record Club, a monthly subscription service that brings you well curated records that everyone should own! You won't find any obvious picks here though. The records we select every month are deep cuts, culturally relevant, or just all around bangers that may otherwise slip under your radar. So what do you get with your subscription? 

For $25/mo, you get the following:

  • 1 LP delivered to your door
  • An exclusive sticker, typically an artist collaboration or a fresh take on one of our classics
  • Exclusive pre-order access to new merch we drop (non-members will not have this option and will be restricted to first come first serve)
  • Maybe more???? You never know what ideas we might come up with!  


  • How exactly does it all work? 
    • Glad you asked! On the 14th of the month, we will announce next month's record. On the first of that next month, your card will be charged $25+tax (when applicable). Then, your record should arrive at your house by the 14th of that month! So for instance, July 14 - record gets announced. August 1 - your card is charged. August 14 - you'll have your record! 



     July Record Of The Month: TBA

    Past records of the month include: 

    Sunny & The Sunliners "Smile Now Cry Later"

    Spiny Normen "S/T"

    Black Market Brass "Undying Thirst"

    Doom Side Of The Moon "S/T"

    Dinner Party "S/T"

    Video Age "Pop Therapy"

    Odd Folks "Broozer"

    Claude Fontaine "S/T"

    Ko Shin Moon "S/T"

    Blaze Foley "Live At The Outhouse"

    Girl In Red "Beginnings"

    Black Merda "S/T"

    Cape Coral "Karma Cleaning"

    Atmosphere "Southsiders"

    Colleen Green "Cool"

    Parasites "Retro-Pop Remasters"

    NNAMDI "Brat"

    The Litter "$100 Fine"

    Fountains Of Wayne "Utopia Parkway"

    Kishi Bashi "Lighght"

    The Mag Seven "The Cotton Needle Sessions"

    Laura Stevenson "The Wheel"

    Brownout "Brown Sabbath Vol. II"