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virginia creeper "truck bed cherub demos (cassette, limited)"

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Limited to 20 copies. Check out two live performances below (neither of which feature songs from this release).

Hybrid Originals is pleased to release a collection of home recordings and demos from Austin-based songwriter Virginia Creeper (Genevieve Poist) out on cassette this Friday. This demo-tape precedes the songwriter's forthcoming official debut, due out in 2021.

Virginia Creeper is the “dread folk” project and pseudonym of Austin-based songwriter Genevieve Poist. Serene yet creepy, listening to Virginia Creeper is like walking through an aquarium alone at night, or stumbling upon a leather futon basking in the brush of a desolate Texas backroad. Perhaps it is most like shaking up an antique snow globe from the 1940s, watching specks of snow dust, now browned by the hands of time, fall peacefully over a paint-chipped and slightly off-putting penguin.*

*Comparison based on real snow globe.

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