Shout Out Louds "Ease My Mind" **PRE-ORDER**

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Shout Out Louds "Ease My Mind" **PRE-ORDER**

**PRE-ORDER** Release date is 9/22/17

Indie exclusive white colored vinyl 

Ease My Mind, the fth full-length by Shout Out Louds, is a welcome return from these Swedish pop masters.

In their 15 years as a band, Shout Out Louds have toured the world many times. The band played a show in the Brazilian rainforest with a freezer box for a dressing room. They once performed in Yokohama, Japan, for an audience of two Austrians. They played in a Sicilian rainstorm so heavy they had to shake out their instruments afterwards, with the soaked backdrop left hung to dry on a hotel façade. The music sites will remind you that the band have performed for David Letterman and Jay Leno and toured with The Strokes during their heyday, but most importantly, they have released four albums of brilliant pop music.

Ease My Mind was recorded with Fredrik Swahn (from the band
The Amazing) who lled the band with such new energy that they were willing to commute to the ’burbs during the darkest months
of the year. He was joined by Måns Lundberg who produced the song “Souvenirs” and Axel Algmark who produced “No Logic” and “Angel.” The band recruited Lars Skoglund for drums, known for his work with Lykke Li.