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Hybrid Record Club

Welcome to the Hybrid Record Club, a monthly subscription service that brings you well curated records that everyone should own! You won't find any obvious picks here though. The records we select every month are deep cuts, culturally relevant, or just all around bangers that may otherwise slip under your radar. So what do you get with your subscription? 

For $25/mo, you get the following:

  • 1 LP delivered to your door
  • A monthly mixtape by that month's curator based on the record of that month. 
  • An exclusive sticker, typically an artist collaboration or a fresh take on one of our classics
  • Discounts on new pre-orders
  • Exclusive pre-order access to new merch we drop (non-members will not have this option and will be restricted to first come first serve)
  • Free shipping on your orders! 
  • Maybe more???? You never know what ideas we might come up with! 


  • How exactly does it all work? 
    • Glad you asked! On the 14th of the month, we will announce next month's record. On the first of that next month, your card will be charged $25+tax (when applicable). Then, your record should arrive at your house by the 14th of that month! So for instance, July 14 - record gets announced. August 1 - your card is charged. August 14 - you'll have your record! 
  • Can I cancel my subscription or skip a month? 
    • Yes, you most certainly can cancel your subscription if you are not happy with it. BUT, you can also skip a month and receive your $25 for that month in store credit! Skipping a month while maintaining your membership allows you to keep all the extra perks that come with being a Hybrid Record Club member, and you still get to buy records!
  • How do I skip a month? 
    • To skip a month, just e-mail and tell us you would like your $25 for the month to go towards store credit. 
  • I signed up and not it says my next bill is due xx/01/ what about this month? 
    • When you sign up, even though you input your credit card info, your card will not be charged until the first of the next month when your membership takes effect!