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Hybrid Vinyl Mix Vol. 5!

Aug 18th 2020

This edition of Hybrid Vinyl Mix is out there. There's a lot more avant-garde and free jazz, some farther out psych rock, all that good stuff. It's weirder than usual because this is what we've been listening to in the shop lately. A lot of these records are from collections we've acquired recently and are available for purchase in the shop! Check out the track listing and link to listen below. 

Listen Now!

1. Ornette Coleman "Home Grown"

2. Lol Creme & Kevin Godley "Sleeping Earth"

3. Flying Lotus "Yellow Belly"

4. Present "Erstaz"

5. Horace Tapscott "The Call"

6. Anthony Braxton "72 Kelvin --- L"

7. Ten Years After "Skoobly-oobly-doobob"

8. Jeff Beck "Constipated Duck"

9. Alan Parsons Project "The Raven"

10. The Maze "Armageddon"

11. Mother Of Invention "America Drinks & Goes Home"