COVID-19: Status Update

Mar 16th 2020

It is our belief that, as citizens, it is our responsibility to be a part of the solution and not the problem. So, with great thought and consideration, and much regret, we have decided that it is best to temporarily close our doors. We've struggled with this decision but we do not want to play a part in encouraging people to gather together in a way that could be harmful or affect someone's health, as there are a lot of vulnerable people (elderly, immune deficient, folks without health insurance) that are at risk. 

We will continue to serve our community via our Discogs and eBay, or by following us on Instagram @hybridrecordstx and purchasing through the items we post! 

We'll be here, on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter giving you day-to-day updates as the situation in South Texas, and around the world, develops. 

In the meantime, we appreciate everyone's support and please try and keep all our business local during these trying times. There are a lot of people affected by this that need our help to keep their businesses and lives operating.