Hybrid Vinyl Mix Vol. 5!

Jul 2nd 2019

This edition of Hybrid Vinyl Mix is out there. There's a lot more avant-garde and free jazz, some farther out psych rock, all that good stuff. It's weirder than usual because this is what we've been l … read more
Hybrid Mix Vol. 4!

Hybrid Mix Vol. 4!

Mar 15th 2019

Listen Now!For this install of the Hybrid Mix series, Carlos went to Serato to put together a great mix of classic and contemporary Hip Hop & R&B. … read more

ALL VINYL DJ MIX feat. Josh Deleon

Aug 7th 2018

We're excited to announce the first installment in our ALL VINYL DJ mix series. "Hybrid Vinyl Mix" kicks off with...  O C E A N  D R I V E  b y  J O S H  D E L E O N … read more