COVID-19: Status Update

Mar 16th 2020

It is our belief that, as citizens, it is our responsibility to be a part of the solution and not the problem. So, with great thought and consideration, and much regret, we have decided that it is bes … read more
New Artist Signing!

New Artist Signing!

Feb 7th 2020

Well, it's official; South Texas New Wave artist Sword Collector is on the Hybrid Records "Originals" roster. Hybrid Records will be making it's third foray into releasing original music from Texas ar … read more
Hybrid Vinyl Mix Vol. 6!

Hybrid Vinyl Mix Vol. 6!

Jan 9th 2020

In the latest installment of our Vinyl Mix series, we took some of our favorite new arrivals from the month of December and put together a killer mix of some of the best tracks from each! Listen … read more

Hybrid Vinyl Mix Vol. 5!

Jul 2nd 2019

This edition of Hybrid Vinyl Mix is out there. There's a lot more avant-garde and free jazz, some farther out psych rock, all that good stuff. It's weirder than usual because this is what we've been l … read more