Black Panther Score (Ludwig Goransson)

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Ludwig Goransson's BRILLIANT score to Black Panther. Features the iconic themes of Wakanda, Killmonger, and more brilliant cues from the film. 


When discussing the score with, Goransson said: "Even when he’s writing a script, as soon as he’s done with the first draft he sends it to me. In this case, it’s such a massive movie. After I read the script and I started reading the comic, I knew the only way I could do this was to go to Africa and do research. I took a month off and traveled to Senegal. I got connected with this artist, Baaba Maal, and traveled around with him while he was on tour. After, I was able to get into a studio and just record amazing musicians for weeks. One of the instruments that really caught my attention was the talking drum, which is the first type of telephone—the first type of communication device. It’s a drum you put under your arm on one side of your body and you can press down your arm under the drum and essentially pitch it, so it’s like a voice—you’re literally talking with a drum. And that sound became the sound of the king. That was the first seed of how the instrumentation affected the process. I came across this really interesting guy called Amadou that played the Fula flute [or tambin] and I told him what the movie was about and explained Killmonger’s persona [Killmonger is T’Challa’s rival, returning from exile to challenge his claim to the throne], and he just started to play and it fit so well with the character. So I started connecting all of these different instruments into different themes and characters of the movie."